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Culture Change Consultant

Assisting clients in transforming organizational values, behaviors, and norms to build inclusive workplace environments.

Did you know that an inclusive workplace culture leads to tangible benefits such as:

  • Increased employee engagement.

  • Enhanced creativity and innovation.

  • Improved productivity and success.

Yet building and sustaining inclusive workplace cultures where all employees feel welcomed, valued, respected, and heard is a daunting task!


Dr. Kate can HELP!

She uses her 25+ years of experience to help individuals, teams, and organizations deepen their understanding of difference, lean into difficult conversations, and navigate impactful and transformative change.  


Break Barriers

To assess and understand the existing workplace culture's strengths and opportunities. 


To align strategies for culture change with the organization's mission, vision, and values. 

Create Connections

To embed the desired culture into individuals' day-to-day practices and lives.  




Dr. Kate collaborates closely with every client, offering support at any stage of the process, to aid organizations in evaluating, strategizing, and executing changes that effectively align collective beliefs, behaviors, and norms with the organization's objectives and financial success. 

Services include:

KEY NOTES and PRESENTATIONS: on inclusive leadership, navigating difficult conversations, and empowerment from the inside out.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS: customized one-time sessions, programs and series on inclusive leadership, women's empowerment, and effective communication skills. 

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING to deepen self awareness, build personal presence, and deepen inclusive leadership skills and behaviors.

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Culture Change In Action!

Ann Engles sought out Dr. Kate Webster to speak at their company's annual continuing education conference titled "Sharing Solutions." They were in need of a strong and dynamic key note speaker that could command a large audience and set the tone for their conference sessions.  Dr. Kate worked closely with Ann to customize a keynote that would not only provide important tips and tools but model how to move beyond barriers that hold you back and speak up for yourself.  

You redefined key note speaker for us. Your presence in front of a large audience was a model of effective communication. Just when I thought I’d heard and seen it all – you came along and reached our hearts and minds with what might be possible. Thank you for a wonderful presentation.

Dr. Laura Deon reached out to Dr. Kate to create a multi session program to assist the doctors in her department level set on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues in a health care setting with the goal of providing patient care that was receptive and response to a diverse patient population. Dr. Kate researched health equity outcomes and social determinants of health to provide a customized program and help these medical doctors move the needle in patient care. 

Wonderful instruction on implicit bias and cultural sensitivity. Very well versed in the history of our nation and how our structures and systems continue to impact our culture today. The diversity and inclusion training that she provided to our PM&R department was very educational and well received by our faculty. I highly recommend her for any diversity and inclusion needs that your organization may have.

Dr. Laura Deon, Pediatric Rehabilitation Attending and Health Equity Champion, Rush University Medical Center

When I recently revisited my TEDx Speech on YouTube, I was amazed and awed that it had received over 28,000 views! I had no idea that my message of accessing your “Quiet Power” to change the way you communicate and speak up for yourself would resonate with so many people.


Then I watched the talk for the first time in several years, and my heart sank. Not because of any judgmental thoughts of how I looked, sounded, or appeared on the stage, but because of two core universals I claimed back then about using assertive communication skills to speak up for yourself. Although using your voice to speak up for yourself can be a universal skill, I naively failed to consider that women who don’t look like me – a white, cisgender, able-bodied female – may not have the same privilege to use them.”

I believe in the power of my own vulnerability, authenticity and growth. Sometimes I make a miss and I am willing to revisit the past and grow from it.


Dr. Kate Webster is a dynamic and influential figure in the realm of empowerment and social justice advocacy, with an unwavering commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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